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Destination Nature

Each of our programs is designed to meet the needs of our students through hands-on interactive learning strategies and in correlation with the California State standard based curriculum.

Education in the Environment: An authentic overnight tent camping experience in a natural environment for underserved and ethnically diverse children and young adults throughout San Diego County. The students study and explore the outdoor environment in a thrilling and adventurous learning experience. This experience helps re-connect students to our natural world and fosters the desire to be good stewards of the environment. It is time to recapture an essential part of childhood outdoor play.

The outdoor experience includes singing around the campfire, making smores, astronomy, hikes, learning about native Americans’ traditional way of life, nature related learning stations, activities, and crafts.

Studies from the National Wildlife  Federation show that children benefit greatly through participation in activities that bring them in contact with the natural world.  Children grow lean and strong, enhances creativity and attention spans, decreases aggression, and boosts classroom performance.  Bottom line – healthier and happier kids.

  •     More Creative: Outdoor kids are more likely to use their own imaginations, inventions and creativity while playing
  •     Brain: Measurably better grades in school.  The healthy bodies and minds that come with outdoor play increase cognitive focus in school
  •     Eyes: Improved eyesight.  Recent studies find that kids who get outdoor time have less nearsightedness and need for eye glasses.
  •     Smile:  Better at making friends.  Children playing together outdoors relate directly with one another, create games together, choose sides and improve their “people” skills by learning the tools needed for compromise and negotiation.
  •     Lungs: A longer lifespan and healthier adult life.  Doctors estimate that sedentary and obese children loose three to five years from their life expectancy
  •     Tummy: Trimmer and healthier kids.  An hour of play a day is what doctors say is a basic tool in the effort to ward off childhood obesity and diabetes.
  •     Leg/Arm: Stronger bones and lower cancer risk.  Today’s indoor kids don’t get enough sun and are becoming Vitamin D deficient causing health risks.